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  • <p>Mid-closeup of Victorian living room. Two paintings, portrait of Elias and Flora Disney on left and countryside with herd of sheep on right, mounted on white wallpaper. Red velvet curtains and white drapes behind a wooden table with marble surface. A pink and red glass gas lamp stands on top of table, two beige rocking chairs with white lace on each side.</p>
  • <p>Archival black-and-white photo. A young Walt Disney smiles as he sits surrounded by over a dozen Mickey Mouse dolls at the Hyperion studio. The plush Mickey dolls feature oilcloth pie-eyes, black embroidered smiles, and tiny buttons on pin-striped corduroy clothes.</p>
  • <p>This image shows three shining, gold-plated Academy Award® statuettes featuring the infamous golden man gripping a sword beneath his fists.</p>