Audio Described Tour

15 Stops

Join us on a unique tour of the life and times of Walt Disney in our Audio Described Tour, intended for guests with blindness or low-vision. This Audio Described Tour will lead you on a journey through Walt’s lifetime, from his birth through the end of his life. As you move through our interactive galleries, this tour will vividly describe the most important pieces of Walt’s illustrious life as featured in the many photographs, art pieces, and artifacts housed in the museum, and will assist you in navigating each gallery space safely and with ease.

This tour is approximately two hours in length and covers 15 gallery spaces across two floors.

After the first two rooms (1A and 1B), the tour continues on the second floor. To reach the second floor, there is a Santa Fe Railroad-branded elevator to the left, or a set of stairs beyond a door to the right.

Once you have reached the second floor, the tour continues through the entirety of the second floor, including a winding ramp that guides you through the last few gallery spaces.

If you have any questions about your experience, please find the nearest Guest Experience Associate or Volunteer for assistance.

Enjoy the tour.

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